When your aging parent begins to need additional support during the day, at night, or around the clock, that doesn’t mean he or she needs to leave the home to go to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Comfort On The Severn of Baltimore–Washington metropolitan offers 24-hour home care services when your loved one needs either continuous assistance in daily tasks or short-term help while recovering from medical procedures. Situations may vary, and no one client care plan fits all, but one thing is certain: our priority is to provide care and support for your loved one with the highest level of care.

Is 24-Hour Home Care Right for Us?

Are you an elderly person living alone at home most of the time and genuinely struggling to meet your day-to-day needs? Then you can easily rely on Comfort On The Severn the 24 Hour Elderly Care in Laurel Maryland to relieve you from such stress. We have a number of experienced home caregivers working with us whom you can hire to experience ultimate peace of mind. Our professionals can be one of the best companions for an elderly person who wants to lead an independent life at their own home but need some daily assistance or someone recovering from an illness or injury.

We are the best Elderly Care in Annapolis Maryland that provide 24-hour care services even in odd situations like when you need to go out of town for a while, but don’t want the elderly person to be left all alone at home. We ensure that your loved one receives complete assistance along with the safety needs residing independently in their own home.

The various 24-hour home care benefits we offer for the seniors are:

  • Aging in their own home – Aged people feel secured and fulfilled when they reside in their own homes. They never want to be separated from their near and dear ones just to get that extra care. We make their life easier by taking care of their needs every little need right from grocery shopping, housekeeping, transportation and personal care right from the comfort of their home.
  • Safety – As we age, safety becomes a primary factor that needs to be taken care of. It can be any chronic health issues, memory loss or any other conditions in the senior persons that may put them at the risk of falling or other safety concerns. So, in such cases, opting for a 24-hour care plan at home can provide your loved ones the required safety at home.
  • Serve as a good companion – Many senior people with time find it difficult to continue doing the things they love to without a helping hand. Here, a companion is the right person who can help your loved one happily continue with their special interest and hobbies that gives these senior people an immense satisfaction.
  • Share your responsibilities – We all love our aging parents, but nowadays, most of us don’t have the scope to give them the time and attention they require. So, hire our specialized companions who will stay with them day and night taking care of every little need of theirs and act as the perfect companion by filling in the space that you are not able to make up. Thus making you a lot stress-free.

What do you mean by a Live-In Companion?

The live-in companions stay in the client’s home and provide consistent help on a day-to-day basis. They are trained in 24-hour care and are able to assist when your loved one has difficulty with daily functions like sleeping, bathing, eating, and bathroom (toileting) assistance. Additionally, they can provide hands-on personal care, manage the household, and assist with special activities. Based on your loved one’s needs and location, Comfort On The Severn can make arrangements for 24-hour live-in companions.

What does Comfort On The Severn provide?

Comfort On The Severn of Baltimore–Washington metropolitan is a specialized 24 Hour Elderly Care in Laurel Maryland providing home care services to meet the specific personal and medical needs of our clients. Our trained personnel provide round-the-clock assistance be it in assisting in the day-to-day tasks or in the case of post-procedure care to help them get back to normal life as soon as possible.

At Comfort On The Severn, we have a RN Director of Nursing who meets with you and your loved ones personally to design a specific care plan to meet their health-related needs. We as a 24-hour home care service provider offer the following services:

  • Personal care – Our caregivers assist their clients with all types of personal life such as eating, bathing, toileting and dressing.
  • Emotional care – Our experienced live-in companions can easily gain the trust of the clients through their caring activities, emotionally engaging conversation and giving overall company.
  • Household care – We have a team of caregivers who knows how difficult it is for these elderly people to cope-up with everyday tasks hence they assist their clients in cooking, laundry, cleaning, shopping, and more.
  • Skilled Nursing Care – This service is available in almost all states. It covers medication assistance, home infusions, wound care, etc. The health needs of our clients are the top priority for our experienced RNs and LPNs. Being a renowned Elderly Care in Annapolis Maryland, the team at Comfort On The Severn provides the highest level of care and support by coordinating with your medical providers and offering a tailor-made support to your loved ones.

Our Approach to 24-Hour Home Care

Our goal is to provide the highest level of support and care for your loved one and give you and your family greater peace of mind. Whatever your situation may be, a Comfort On The Severn Registered Nurse will create a customized care plan, oversee our team of care professionals, and coordinate with your medical providers so everyone is always on the same page in regards to your loved one’s needs.

We adhere to the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals so your loved one receives the highest quality care. At the same time, our focus on compassion and empathy ensures he or she will be treated like a person, not a condition.

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

Call us today to schedule a care assessment and conversation with a Comfort On The Severn Registered Nurse.